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About me

My name is Loay Qasem and I am the owner of Wertehaeuschen.

After nearly 26 years of independent and professional working  in the gastronomy and hospitality branche, I decided to fulfill my dreams and opened my small and fine Wertehäuschen shop in Traun in 2018.


As a child and youth i grew up with love, sense and passion for beauty and aesthetics accompanied with a large interest in history and geography.


Objects that have accompanied people for many years, whether for decorative purposes or daily use, are brought back to life in my shop & can find a happy new owner!

Wertehaueschen stands for values. 

For me, not only the values ​​of individual objects but also human values are essential parts of my identity and business concept.

My aim is to pass these values as respect, appreciation, transparency, honesty, tolerance & inclusion on to my customers and make them feel welcome.




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